Yes that is the sound a Goat makes, those repulsive 4 legged walking garbage disposal systems with creepy rectangle pupils. Yet despite all their negative attributes and qualities while alive they can be oh so tasty when dead, and properly seasoned or else it just tastes like goat which according to my girlfriend is “No Bueno”.

I remember the first time I had goat, it was also the only time I had goat but it was July 4th 2009. It was humid, hot, and horrid, we’re all slurping away at our strawberry margaritas while I’m in the kiddie pool swirling around like a 5 year old on a sugar high when the delicious scent of pork, goat and chicken made it’s way across the street and into the back yard and Like the Flash dropping a Banana and telling everybody we’d be back before it hit the ground we took off running in the direction of food.

As we stood in line gazing at the wonderful display of meats I suddenly realized I’m ultra white and can’t speak a lick of Spanish, so while the very kind woman spoke to me in Spanish, all I could do was nod, point and smile. As she loaded my plate with corn tortillas stuffed with this wonderful mystery meat that I thought was Beef, My girlfriend points out that this on my plate is Goat. I’m fairly flexible with foods and I love to explore new flavors so this was an exciting new experience and it was great!

The meat was different, the spice was wonderful and complemented the gamy taste the meat had, it was perfect for the flavor of goat, it’s been almost a year and I can’t remember what exactly it was spiced with, but the texture resembled carnitas so it just fell apart.

Over all, Goat is pretty good, I still can’t stand the taste of goat milk or cheese though.


Oh Oregon.

Sometimes I get bummed out, yeah I know I’m Mr. Sunshine and Unicorns, “How on earth can HE get depressed”. Despite that It does happen though, usually I have things I think of to try and make Myself feel better about whats going on and, right now it’s food, however it’s more than just food on My mind, it’s the place it came from a very close to My heart memory.

A few years back I visited My favorite Aunt and Uncle when they lived in Newport Oregon, their house was small but it was perfect, 2 blocks down is the beach and You could see the ocean from the front lawn, it was almost bliss, but what happened next made it my most relaxing day I’ve ever had.

Across the bridge from Newport, just a few miles down from the Rogue Brewery, is a nice little fishing warf, We stopped by and picked up some fresh Tuna off a fisherman’s boat, it was beautiful, clean, fresh, everything I’d ever hoped real tuna would be like and not that crap from the can, On the way back we picked up some Fresh Beer from the Rogue brewery, set up the charcoal bbq, and wrapped that tuna with wasabi and bacon, and grilled… and grilled… and drank… the stores felt endless, the moment lasted forever, we ate fish and drank beer until the sun went down.


Now, Food doesn’t have to be elaborate to be special, in fact it just needs to have a soft spot in your heart.


Well a few weekends ago  Mi Corazon Sagrado and I took a trip to Felix’s Continental Cafe in the Orange Circle for some long anticipated and highly desired Cuban food. Why the homage to that place? Well there is where the story begins.

You see, when  Mi Corazon Sagrado was just a little girl she spent a lot of time with a family friend I’ve come to know as Mama. Mama was born and raised in Cuba, came to America and from what I’ve been told, misses the old Cuba every day. Mama would watch her every day, and some of the fondest memories she has from spending time with Mama was the food, oh and the chicken coop, but mostly the food because she hated the chicken coop.

Mi Corazon Sagrado is what I’d call a lover of comfort food, it started with Polenta/Harina which at first glace resembles oatmeal, however it’s coarse ground cornmeal boiled in a pot with a little oil and salt, topped with an avocado, Quite  honestly the heartiest breakfast I’ve ever had and so far with a sad story. After Castro took power in Cuba Cornmeal was standard in food rations, eaten every day and from what I’m told, hard to find in any Cuban restaurant in the United States because it was eaten so often in Cuba that if someone from Cuba could avoid it, they will.

After the Polenta/Harina was the Flan, Ooooh the Flan was amazing. Normally when I think of Flan I think of some store bought butchery with the consistency of custard and just as much eggy flavor. But not Cuban Flan, it’s so Thick that taking a fork to it feels like going through a slice of perfectly firm cheesecake, just enough resistance to make any foodie’s heart flutter with anticipation, and it was no let down, the consistency was perfect, thick, rich, creamy, it didn’t jiggle like some jello imitation, it was the real deal, the caramel sauce soaked into the top drizzled down the sides sending a mild sweet flavor swirling around each bite. I’ve never had anything like that Flan in my entire life but I was convinced at that point Cuban Flan, is the best Flan I’ve ever had.

As Mi Corazon Sagrado and I were eating the Flan we started to talk about Mama, and how Her flan is better than this, honestly I was floored inside at the sheer possibility that somewhere out there, Flan could be made better than the one I’m eating right now. And to be honest I can’t wait to find out!

So, Yesterday Mi Corazon Sagrado and I decided to make our own Flan. It was the first time Mi Corazon Sagrado has ever tried to make Flan let alone the caramel that goes with it, the Flan was amazing, delicious, rich and creamy, the Caramel was kinda burned, but honestly I don’t think I could have done any better, especially since I’ve never made caramel either!

But it was Great.

For pictures and Mi Corazon Sagrado‘s story of our Flan Adventure, just click her name anywhere on the page or in the links!

Apetito bueno.


Bueno Nachos my Amigos, and welcome to My blog, I suppose an introduction is in order…

My name is Andrew, I’m 26, a college student, and I love food. What I love most about food is the story it tells. Now, I’m sure some people out there think and feel just the same as I do about food. Others just think “Yum”, which is okay but never really progress to a higher appreciation about what they put in their mouth and how it came to be that delicious piece of flavor dangling at the tip of their tongue just waiting to make contact.

I guess that is what this blog is all about, it’s not about educating people about food, telling you what to eat, what to try, where to eat and what you shouldn’t eat. It’s about the journey it takes you on past the necessity to eat but the story and role food has as a major chunk of vertebra in the backbone of so many cultures.

For myself, food is the ultimate adventure, and it’s both good and bad. What is important to remember on any food adventure is what you take back when you are done, especially leftovers. But in all seriousness even bad food can be a valuable experience, tells you what to watch out for, what you don’t like or, more importantly, what you might like but your body doesn’t. But regardless of how you may or may not like what you eat, it’s still has it’s own story, and, in a way, it’s family food history.

Bon Appetit.